Aaron Rodgers Says He’d ‘Love to Play to 40’ amid Contract Negotiations
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) looks to pass the ball against the Carolina Panthers during an NFL game in Charlotte, N.C. on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017. (Chris Keane/AP Images for Panini)

Chris Keane/Associated Press

Aaron Rodgers told Peter King of NBC Sports that he would like to finish his career with the Green Bay Packers and preferably not anytime soon. 

As Rodgers revealed, he wants to at least hit 40:

“I’d love to play to 40. I just think that number means a lot. Obviously, Tom [Brady] is kind of rewriting the book. Brett [Favre] had a good season when he turned 40. My goal is be able to move like I do or close to how I do and still be able to do that at 40…just because nobody’s been able to do that and still move around the same. Steve Young’s career was cut short in his late thirties. John [Elway], the same—he didn’t really move the same as when he was younger. So to be able to move the same way at 38, 39, 40 would be cool. That’s my aim.”


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