Paul McCartney photo-bombs newlyweds

Paul McCartney photobombs couple's wedding picturesImage copyright
Laurie Dixon and Tamara Large of Madix Photograph

His love songs have inspired millions, but over the weekend Sir Paul McCartney had a more direct role in the love story of one Canadian couple.

The former Beatle was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for a concert when he photo-bombed a couple taking pictures before their wedding.

McCartney passed the couple while riding his bike along the river during his downtime on Saturday.

The moment was immortalised by the couple’s wedding photographer.

Groom Steve Gregg was the first to spot the famous musician.

“He said congratulations as he rode by and Steve said, ‘That was Paul McCartney,'” bride Jen Roscoe told the CBC after the pictures were posted online.

But when McCartney and his two bodyguards hit a dead end, they had to turn around and ride past the couple again.

That’s when Mr Gregg plucked up the courage to ask for a picture.

Image copyright
Laurie Dixon and Tamara Large of Madix Photograph

“It was very brief, he shook our hands, said congratulations took a couple quick photos and then they were off,” he told the CBC.

The couple said they are fans but hardly Beatle-maniacs, and have kept a healthy perspective on their brush with mega-stardom.

“This is was a nice thing on a day filled with wonderful events,” Mr Gregg said.

“But certainly not the best thing that happened to me yesterday.”

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