Serena Williams Celebrates Arrival of Second Child, a Daughter, with Her Husband

Serena Williams, the renowned tennis icon, joyously welcomed her second child, a daughter, as announced by her husband on social media.

Alexis Ohanian, Williams’ husband, shared the heartwarming news on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying, “Welcome, Adira River Ohanian.” This declaration was made on a Tuesday afternoon.

In his post, he expressed his gratitude, stating, “I’m grateful to report our house is teaming with love: a happy & healthy newborn girl and happy & healthy mama. Feeling grateful.” He also showered Serena, who is 41 years old, with praise, referring to her as the “GMOAT,” signifying the “Greatest Mother of All Time.”

Accompanying his words were delightful photos of Williams, radiating with joy as she cradled her newborn alongside Ohanian and their 5-year-old daughter, Olympia.

Ohanian extended his appreciation to the exceptional medical staff who had cared for his wife and their daughter. He particularly cherished the moment when he introduced Olympia to her baby sister.

Concluding his post, he drew inspiration from the Book of Isaiah, quoting, “Your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.”

Williams had previously disclosed in a Vogue essay last August her intention to step back from tennis and prioritize her family’s growth. She articulated, “I have never liked the word retirement,” emphasizing her commitment to evolution, where building her family took precedence over her tennis accolades.

Notably, Williams has been candid about her health challenges following the birth of Olympia in 2017. In an essay for Elle, she recounted the fear she experienced the day after delivering Olympia via cesarean section when her legs went numb, raising concerns about a pulmonary embolism, a potentially life-threatening lung clot.

In the essay, Williams shared that she had a history of blood clots in her lungs dating back to 2010, which heightened her anxiety. She highlighted that initially, her pleas for medical attention went unheard, but with persistence, a nurse contacted her doctor. Subsequent examinations revealed multiple blood clots, necessitating several surgeries.

Williams underscored the alarming statistic that Black individuals in the United States are nearly three times more likely to face mortality during or after childbirth compared to white individuals. She called for better medical attention and listening to the experiences of Black women, emphasizing that being heard and appropriately treated could make the difference between life and death.

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